5 Tips on Moving into a New House with your Pet

By: Sushma Khinvasara

5 Tips on Moving into a New House with your Pet

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Moving homes take a lot of work! There are plenty of things to take care of such as wrapping and packaging household items, down to planning ahead your schedule to coordinate with the movers. As you become preoccupied with the many chores, you might forget about your pet. So why not include your pet in your “moving into a new house checklist” and make sure to cover the things to consider when moving with pets. 

Here are the 5 tips related to pets to help you in planning the move.

First, secure the necessary paperwork

Depending on where you’re moving from and where your new residence will be, traveling with a pet might need paperwork. Preparing the necessary paperwork for your pet is the first thing to do to avoid problems during moving day as well as to give you enough room in case of delays in securing the documents needed. A few examples of pet records that need to be updated include pet’s license and pet passport if you are moving abroad. There might also be certain local laws to be considered when moving into a new province or territory. To be sure that your pet is in perfect health to travel, consult your vet and secure health records and vaccinations.

Second, prepare your pet for travel

If you plan to travel by air, you need to check the airline’s policies on pet travel before buying a ticket. Whether you are moving with a dog or moving with a cat, make sure that they are permitted on planes. Your pet will likely be placed inside crates for long hours so make sure your pet is well-fed and watered before departure. 

If you plan to travel by automobile, show love to your pet by purchasing a suitable pet carrier. It should be large enough for your pet to be comfortable to lie down, turn around and stand. Traveling for long hours can be stressful even for humans, so you’d probably want to consider taking short stops to get out and stretch your legs along with your pet. A bit of practice before the travel can greatly help! For example, you can try placing your pet inside a carrier and drive them around the park.

Third, secure your pets while you are packing up

When packing up, your house is likely in disarray and there will be strangers coming in and out of your house during moving day. Keeping pets inside a safe space like a familiar room can help relieve their stress. You might also want to ask help from friends and family to watch your pet during moving day. This helps you focus on what you’re doing without having to worry about your dog getting out of the house while movers load your boxes to the truck.

Fourth, pet-proof your new home

As you move into your new home, make sure that the new environment is safe for your pet. Look around and remove possible hazards such as pest poison traps, poisonous houseplants and electrical cords. Make sure all window screens are secure. Also, don’t forget to update the new address and contact details on your pet’s name tags and microchip. The stress of being in a new environment might cause your pet to run away. But with an updated tags, they can be found and safely returned to you.

Lastly, help your pet settle into your new home

Moving homes is a massive change for anyone including pets. To help your pet get settled, stick to the same routine and be consistent with their food and activities just like in the previous home. Get your pet acquainted with the neighbours and be familiar with the environment by taking a walk in the park or around the neighbourhood. To avoid overwhelming your pet, introduce them to one room and let them be comfortable in it by placing familiar items like their favourite toy, food bowl or litter box before gradually introducing them to other rooms in the house.

So, these are the few basic tips to take the stress away when moving with your pet. Like us, animals also feel attached to their home and might be depressed when introduced to a new environment. But with careful consideration and preparation, a smooth transition to your new home is not out of reach.

If you have moved with pets, I would like to know how you did it and share your tips to make the move easier.

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