About Sushma Khinvasara

Sales Representative

My name is Sushma Khinvasara. I work in the hot Toronto area real estate market and want to be your contact for your real estate investment needs in Canada.
As an accomplished real estate agent of many years of experience in the field and with my real estate expertise and knowledge I help my clients navigate through the complex process of buying and selling and position them for success.
My personal knowledge of the local real estate market combined with the Century 21 brand has helped many investors in Canada and overseas to invest in properties in prime locations in Toronto area giving them opportunities to grow their valuable investment.
Over the years I have received a number of awards and recognitions as one of the top performers of the brokerage and Century 21 Canada.
My area of expertise includes:

Why invest in canada?

Real estate investment is one of the most popular vehicles of investment in Canada for capital growth and income.
The value of investment properties in prime locations such as Toronto and Vancouver has been growing steadily over the past number of years.
Canada is amongst the top sought-after destinations for overseas investors looking to invest in real estate properties. Some reports suggest this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. 

LET ME guide you!

If you are thinking about investing in Toronto area, please contact me first.
I will guide you from start to finish in searching for the right investment properties, help you avoid pitfalls, negotiating best possible terms for you and exercising care and due diligence.
I will ensure to make this process as hassle-free as possible.